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Admission procedure -  Bachelor  study

Information on the admission procedure for applicants for bachelor studies  for academic year 2020/2021

The main condition for admission to bachelor study at university, based on the law of Higher Education, full  secondary education is  obtained or complete secondary vocational education.  Faculty of Mechanical  Engineering  STU in academic year 2020/21 opens the daily form of  bachelor study.

External form of study (4 year study) does not open in academic year 2020/21.

  • Application deadline: till 3. 2020
  • Admission fee for daily form of studies:
  • 80 € - the applicant  follows  the  admission instructions and information HERE
  • Admission is based on high school study results.
  • Sending all mandatory annexes ( copy of secondary school leaving certificate  and end-of-year  certificate in paper form): after generating  and submitting E application or immediately after passing the school leaving examination
  • Date of the admission comittee meeting: 8.6. 2020 and 17.6. 2020

 E application guide – 2020

  • Application in electronic form without guaranteed electronic signature using the academic information system STU (AIS) (
  • Evaluation of high school study results of applicant for study at the  Faculty of Mechanical Engineering STU in Bratislava (calculator).

  • Applicants for bachelor study shall specify no more  than three study programs in which they wish to apply (1th – priority, 2nd and 3rd – alternative )

The offer of study programs run in the state language   you can apply  for:

Dailly form of study, presence method (3 year study)

  • applied mechanics and mechatronics
  • automatization and informatization of machines and processes
  • automobiles and mobile work machines
  • energetic machines and devices
  • enviromental production technology
  • production systems and quality management
  • engineering technologies and materials
  • environmental protection technology 

Daily form of study, presence method (4 year study)

  • operational technician of transport and production technology

The offer of study programs run in foreign (english) language you can apply for  you can find HERE

If the applicant is interested in specifying an alternative study program when choosing a study program, an application form with information of the completeness  of the application in the Pending applications with the click on thick arrow Application details can in the item Alternative type of admission procedure A,B, choose 2 more study programs. In case of capacity limit overrun  of main (priority) study program, alternative study programs type A or B may be offered to an applicant.

E application must contain:

  • CV (signed – scan as an attachment), do not send in paper form!
  • scan copy of payment for  admission fee attached in E application in case of  a payment other than a payment gate (internet banking, bank transfer)
  • end-of-year certificate grades (In case of 4 year study for 2nd to 4th year, in case of 5 year study for 3rd to 5 th year), as an annex scans of notarized copies of certificates + notarized copy of  school leaving certificates as follow:
  • A/ applicants that graduate in 2020 - fill in E application grades (+average) from end-of-year certficates ( for 2nd, 3rd or 4th year, shall print and confirm at school (stamp and signature  of secondary school representative + signature of applicant). Scan of the form Secondary school grades – confirmed by  secondary school  and signed by applicant should be attached in E application . Notarized copy of the end-year school leaving certificate  for the last year of study, together with the certified copy of the school- leaving certificate, must be sent immidiately after completion of the school-leaving examination, no later than on 4.6. 2020 in PAPER FORM!
  • B/ applicants that graduated before 2020fill in E application grades (+average) from annual end-year certificates and school-leaving certificate, attach scans of notarized copies of secondary school end-year cerftificates (2nd, 3rd, and 4th or 3rd, 4th and 5th year) + notarized copy of school-leaving certificate. Notarized copy of school-leaving certificate will send  immediately to faculty also in PAPER FORM!
  • C/ foreign applicants and applicants from Slovak Republic and Czech Republic who studied part of their studies abroad, attach in E application also scan confirmation of the equivalence of the school-leaving certificate (issued by the district Office in Bratislava and Trnava ­ also scan of equivalence of all  secondary school grades  +  secondary school-leaving certificate  grades granted by  foreign school. (published by Ministry of education, science and sport Copy of the notarized equivalence of the school-leaving certificate  and the equivalence of grades must be  sent in PAPER FORM as well.




School- leaving examination level with value  „ unspecified“ choose in case that you passed

the school-leaving examination at a time when there was no level differentiation. The mark is  displayed in the last column Internal part- mark.

E application must be properly and correctly submitted!


Keep your Login details  for E application – you will need them on the day of the enrollment for study. No need to attach the medical certificate with E application!

Incomplete applications will be excluded

Admission fees :

  • Admission fee for admission procedure for daily form of study:

20 € - the applicant applies by electronic application  (study in state language)           

 80 €  - the applicant for study in english follows  the  admission instructions, and information HERE


Holders of honorary applications for the Finalists of the Engineering Olympics will pay no  admission fee for the admission procedure, after attaching the the honorary application in E application in the section – Fee  for material provision of the admission procedure.


How to make a payment for your E application:

  1. online payment (directly in E application, debit card payment)
  2. internet baking
  3. bank transfer

If the applicant pays the payment in other way than above, he is  obliged to provide a copy of the payment.

Bank: Štátna pokladnica, Radlinského ulica 32, 810 05 Bratislava 15, Slovenská republika

Adressee : Strojnícka fakulta – Nám.slobody 17, 81231 Bratislava

Bank account   IBAN: SK09 8180 0000 0070 0034 1800


Variable symbol:  generated by informative system of  E application

Constant symbol for the payment by bank transfer: 0558

 Additional data  for the payment from abroad:

Address of the recipient: STU, Vazovova 5, 812 43 Bratislava

IBAN code: SK09 8180 0000 0070 0034 1800


Tuition fees

Study in standard lenght  is free of charge.  Fees for exceeding standard lenght of studies and     concurrent  studies are published at

Tuition fee for studies in english language all applicants will find HERE.


Student may be awarded a one-time incentive scholarship in selected fields of study, a motivational scholarship for outstanding performance of study obligations, or a motivational scholarship for extraordinary results.

More information on the web:

Admission procedure

Admission procedure is on the basis  of study results at secondary school.

Dean of  the faculty determines the conditions when the applicant  can be accepted  without admission examination.

Admission examination for invited applicants consists of highschool mathematics and physics.

Applicants with special needs

If the admission examination is part of the faculty verification, the applicant with special needs shall, at his request, determined on the basis of an assessment of his special needs by the form of the admission examination and     method respecting his special needs. The applicant with special needs  shall submitt the application together with  written application  for study.

  Application  form for applicants with special needs for modification of the admission examination method.

Coordinator for handicaped applicants:

Mgr. Alena Cepková , PhD.

tel.: + 421 908 769 899


Numbers of students admitted:

Study program (state language)                                                                  
form/ method of the study admitted students


applied mechanics and mechatronics                                            daily/presence      80

automatization and informatization of machines and processes       daily/presence       60

automobiles and mobile work machines                                        daily/presence       180

energetic machines and devices                                                  daily/presence     35

enviromental production technology                                            daily/presence     35

production systems and quality management                               daily/presence     35

engineering technologies and materials                                        daily/presence     60

environmental protection technology                                           daily/presence     35

operational technician of transport and production technology       daily/presence     35

Total                                                                                     daily/presence 555

Study program run in foreign (english) language

applied mechanics and mechatronics                                                 daily/presence    20

production systems and quality management                                     daily/presence 20   

Total                                                                                             daily/presence 40


  • Addition number 1 to the internal regulation STU number 5/2013 „ Rules and conditions of the admission for study programs first, second and third degree at Slovak technical university in Bratislava“
  • Complete version of the internal regulation STU number 5/2013 „ Rules and conditions of the admission for study programs first, second and third degree at Slovak technical university in Bratislava“ as amended by Addition 1.
  • Other conditions of the admission for bachelor, master and doctoral study programs at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering STU in  Bratislava for academic year 2020/21.


 Our contact address:


Mgr. Renáta Sovišová 
Tel.:  +421 (2) 572 96 244

Ing. Zuzana Matúšová
Tel.:  +421 (2) 572 96 287