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Why to Study With Us?

Here are six great reasons why to study at FME STU:

1. Tradition and Quality
The Slovak University of Technology boasts the longest history in teaching engineering subjects in Slovakia. Its tradition is reflected by its excellent ranking among Slovak faculties and its internatio¬nal reputation.

2. Professional Career Building During your Study
We will assist you in planning and starting you professional career. The faculty cooperates with dozens of top industrial enterprises, trade organizations, institutions, and universities in Slovakia and abroad.

3. Graduates with a Future to be Envied
After successfully completing their study program, our gradua¬tes will have no problem in finding lucrative jobs. Apart from industrial enterprises, they are also in demand in other production branches, information technologies, educational and research institutions, local government, and trades.

4. Study in English
International students are welcome to enrol onto one of two Bachelor. and two Engineering programmes delivered through the medium of English during the academic year 2017/18.

5. Excellent Location
The Faculty is located in Bratislava City centre which has a rich and diverse cultural backround and sporting activities within walking distance. It justifies its title of Little Big City and it is included among the six most attractive cities in Europe, and lies at the epicentre and within easy travelling to Vienna and Budapest. All in all, being a student in Bratislava is a great experience.

6. Student Accommodation for Everyone
Students are provided with comfortable lodgings in renovated student hostels, along with the option of private flat rental. Numerous extra-curricular leisure time activities are available: gyms, swimming pools, athletic stadiums, cinemas and clubs.