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Admission Procedure

All applicants interested in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree study programmes in English can apply by sending the completed paper application form.

PAPER APPLICATION | in pdf download here

(Please note that it is required to be filled out in UPPER CASE SCRIPT in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. In case you do not have this application available, feel free to contact us at admissions@sjf.stuba.sk and we will provide you with another type of file to enable you to complete it.)

Please download it and use UPPER CASE script to fill it out. All information in the form is compulsory. IMPORTANT: Your signature is needed also on the 4th page in the Tuition Fee Policy section.

The completed application form is to be printed, signed by the applicant and sent via post together with all other required documentation (address is available below).

Please send the scanned paper application and scanned copies of required documents via email to admissions@sjf.stuba.sk, too.

Your admission package must include some further documentation. All documentation must be provided in English. Please do not forget to include all required certified documents, otherwise your application cannot be accepted.

Each applicant must enclose the following documents with the application form:

All applicants / Bachelor’s and Master’s:

1. Curriculum Vitae
2. Motivation letter (please write down the reasons why you decided to study at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering STU)
3. Copy of front and back page of your passport
4. English language certificate - notarised copy
5. Recommendation letter/-s (if available)
6. Bank confirmation of payment of 100 Euro admission fee - the fee must be paid in advance and the bank confirmation attached to the application form.  Please note that the admission fee is not refundable.

Documentation confirming former level of education:

7. If you are interested in a BACHELOR’S degree study programme: a certified copy of secondary school leaving certificate and transcript - notarised, superlegalized/apostilled
8. If you are interested in a MASTER’S diploma study programme: a certified copy of Bachelor’s degree and a certified copy of transcript - notarised, superlegalised/apostilled

Please note that in some cases some other documentation may be required.

Please see below for the address of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering STU, where the admission package needs to be sent, and the bank transfer details.


For the academic year 2018/2019 the deadline for submitting the completed application form and all required admission documents is 15th of May, 2018.

The Dean of the faculty has the right to extend the deadline for submitting applications.

If you miss the deadline please contact the International Relations’ Office directly at admissions@sjf.stuba.sk.

The faculty will generally base its decision regarding the admission of applicants to its courses on interalia the following criteria:

•  previous education
•  motivation
•  study results (grades and individual achievements) and course load
•  diplomas/degrees
•  appropriate English language proficiency for the course concerned, B2-C1 level is required /IELTS testing preferred/ 
•  other experience related to the chosen field of study

Please note, that as part of the admission process the individual applicants will be required to take part in a Skype interview with our recruitment team members. The details will be specified on individual agreement with the applicant.

If you want to apply for student accommodation it is necessary to send your completed application form (download here) signed and scanned to admissions@sjf.stuba.sk by 15th of May, 2018.

Information about student accommodation in university halls of residence is available here.

If required, after your acceptance the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering STU can issue a Provisional Acceptance Letter for you. If you need this document please send a written request to admissions@sjf.stuba.sk.

The scanned letter will be sent to the email address you provided in your application form, and the original can be sent via mail to your permanent address in your home country.

Applicants from outside the EU region will need to apply for a D visa and temporary residence permit to be able to enter and live in Slovakia. The faculty requires all student newcomers from abroad to come to Slovakia before the beginning of the new academic year with the temporary residence permit. Please contact the Slovak embassy in your home country for further information about these processes.

If you require a Tuition Fee Invoice, please contact our office.

Please note that the Final Acceptance Letter can be issued only after payment of the tuition fee and submission of all admission documents.

The annual tuition fee for study programmes delivered in English by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering STU for the academic year 2018/19 is 4,000 Euro for both Bachelor’s and Master’s study programmes. Partial payment cannot be accepted.

Scanned proof of payment of the tuition fee, in English, must be sent to admissions@sjf.stuba.sk by 30th of May, 2018.

Please see the bank transfer details below.

As soon as your payment is received, the Final Acceptance Letter will be issued for you. A scanned copy will be sent to the email address you provided in your application form and the original will be sent via post either to your permanent address in your home country or any other correspondence address you may prefer.

All students are expected to be present in Bratislava by the official beginning of the academic year.

Please see the section Other Intformation about the exact dates.

Once you arrive in Slovakia, please come to register in our International Relations’ Office.

Where you can find us:
Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
          International Relations’ Office, 2nd floor, Room 138
          Namestie slobody 17
          812 31 Bratislava
         Slovak Republic

          Map is available here.

If there is any reason that you cannot start on this date, and wish to request a delayed start, please contact the International Relations’ Office at admissions@sjf.stuba.sk.

If f you have any further questions or you need our assistance please do not hesitate to contact our International Relations’ Office

Bank transfer information from abroad:

Bank: Štátna pokladnica, Radlinského 32,
         810 05 Bratislava, P.O.BOX 13
Account Number:
        IBAN: SK86 8180 0000 0070 0008 5595
Name of Bank Account:
        BÚ Zahraniční študenti - Stroj. fakulta STU BA
Address of the Beneficiary: 
        Námestie slobody 17, 81231 Bratislava

Please always add your name and the payment
type (i.e. whether admission fee or tuition fee)
for accurate identification of your payment.
Thank you. 

Address of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering:

For foreign applicants interested in studying
through the medium of English

Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree
programmes only:
Strojnicka fakulta STU v Bratislave
International Relations’ Office
Namestie slobody 17
812 31 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

E-mail: admissions@sjf.stuba.sk
Website: http://www.sjf.stuba.sk/english.html
Tel.: + 421 915 851 799