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Institute of Transport Technology and Engineering Design

Institute of Transportation Technology and Engineering Design

originated as a result of fusion of the Department of Vehicles, Ships and Combustion Engines and the Department of Machine Parts in 2007.

The Institute provides all levels of education and training for the students at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. It participates also in training of students from other faculties of the University.

The Institute offers subjects focusing on construction and design supported by computer programmes, especially for design of function nodes, subgroups or complete machinery devices, both in the Bc. and MSc. courses.

In the Bc. courses the Institute guarantees 1. the study programme Applied Mathematics in Mechanical Engineering, 2. the study programme Automobiles, Ships and Combustion Engines within the study field Motor Vehicles, Rail Vehicles, Ships and Aeroplanes, both in the Bc. and MSc. courses.

The Institute is the guarantor of the study programme Machines and Devices for Construction and Dressing taught in the MSc. course within the study field Transportation Machines and Devices.

For the PhD. courses the Institute guarantees two study programmes: Transportation Technology and Parts and Mechanisms of Engines.