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Institute of Transport Technology and Engineering Design

Scientific – research activity and cooperation with praxis is more than 50 years project oriented by workers of the Institute of transportation technology and design onto solution of conceptual task of the development of the branch, systematic solutions of introduced productions, as far as particular machines and equipments of transportation and manipulation technology, problems of automobile and ship industry as well as onto study of chosen geometrical and strength parameters of construction nodes serving for power transmission with aim to reach optimal tribological and ecological characteristics.

In the institute are also solved topical theoretical problems of computer simulation of contact tasks in the area of gear transmissions and equipments for transmission of rotational movement as well as drives with transformation of rotational movement onto linear movement mainly from the point of view of ecological requirements put onto equipments with increased ecological requirements. Also problems of tribological processes, problems of lubrication, layer application onto contact surfaces and also problems of strength and life characteristics of drives at minimization of negative influence onto life and working environment.

In the area of mobile working machines the research is concentrated onto creation of methodologies and procedures for design and verification of virtual and modular structure for creation of a platform of an oriented segment of mobile working machines with optimal parameters as well as onto research of a timeless design with application of structural materials of a new generation in modules of mobile working machines, which comply the requirements of hygiene and safety regulations, optimization of alternative structure types of mechanisms of working equipments and machine drives from the point of view of energy demands of power transmission.